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Hi There!

IMG_0326My name is Julie Henning and I’ve been involved in Technical Communication, Marketing, Public Relations, Journalism, and Freelance Writing for nearly two decades. My work has ranged from developing highly-technical user manuals to running a state-wide parenting website.

During my career I have stayed active with the Society for Technical Communication and other professional organizations centered around the craft of writing. I belong to the Society of American Travel Writers and am a recent past member of the Midwest Travel Writers Association and the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers.

I can write in just about any style to just about any audience—newsprint, press releases, bios, web copy, datasheets—but my favorite projects have always centered around travel and the world we live in.

I’ve added links to some of my best work, so go ahead and click around. If you have any questions or want to reach me, I’m at juliemhenning@gmail.com.

You can also find me on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliefursthenning

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